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Best Tableau Training & Certification Courses


Tableau is an effective business intelligence and analytics tool that is designed to help visualize, understand, and make informed decisions with virtually all kinds of data. Tableau software is created by an American software company based in Seattle with a simple mission which is to allow business users and everyday people to harness the power of data by engaging with their data, asking questions, solving complex problems and creating value. In this article, we will be discussing the Best Tableau Training & Certification in detail.

Best Online Tableau Training Courses from Universities

Best Universities from all over the world including the University of California, Duke University, Trinity College, University of Texas are offering FREE online tableau training specialization courses. These Best Tableau training courses covering data visualization, design essentials, visual analytics, dashboards & storytelling, and much more. Check out each of these  Best Tableau training courses below:

1. Data Visualization for All

Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut via edXData Visualization for All

  • Taught By: Jack Dougherty, Professor of Educational Studies & Stacy Lam, Student Technology Assistant & David Tatem, Instructional Technologist
  • 3 hours per week, 6 weeks
  • More details

This is a Best Tableau Training course to tell your story with the help of data. You would be able to learn a lot from this Best Tableau training course related to designing interactive charts and maps for your website. The Best Tableau Training course would be started with some of the basic tools and then you would also learn to work with GitHub.

The examples that are shown in the course are real-life examples that are taken from Trinity College by the students who are working in the community. This Best Tableau Training course is ideal for all the people who wish to tell their stories. This is a free course, and you don’t need to have any experience in this field to understand this course

2. Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau

University of California, Davis via CourseraFundamentals of Visualization with Tableau

This  Best Tableau Training course will help you create your visualization story from the basics which would be based on data context and also for setting the background stage for advanced course training for the same. This Best Tableau Training course will teach you the basic concepts of data visualization and can be considered first step towards tableau advanced training.

With this Best Tableau Training course, you would be able to prepare data and import it into Tableau and also explain the relationship between data visualization and data analytics. It is an ideal course for people who are new to Tableau as it’s first step towards tableau specialization.

3. Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau

Duke University via CourseraData Visualization and Communication with Tableau

  • Taught By: Daniel Egger, Executive in Residence and Director, Center for Quantitative Modeling & Jana Schaich Borg, Assistant Research Professor
  • Course 3 of 5 in the Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization
  • 5 weeks, 6-8 hours per week
  • Average User Rating 4.7
  • More details

No matter how great the business idea is but you cannot become successful with it unless and until you are able to communicate well and explain it to the audience. The answers to the business questions are needed to be answered in such a way that even a non-technical person could understand it easily.

With the help of this Best Tableau Training course, you would be able to learn to communicate well and make the audience understand your business relevant ideas of data analysis. You would be able to present your data stories and explain it to the people at the end of the Best Tableau Training course.

4. Essential Design Principles for Tableau

University of California, Davis via CourseraEssential Design Principles for Tableau

5. Visual Analytics with Tableau

University of California, Davis via CourseraVisual Analytics with Tableau

6. Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau

University of California, Davis via CourseraCreating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau

7. Data, Analytics and Learning

University of Texas, Arlington via edXData, Analytics and Learning

  • Taught By: George Siemens, Professor and Executive Director & Carolyn Rosé & Dragan Gašević, Professor of Learning Analytics & Ryan Baker, Associate Professor
  • 5 hours per week, 9 weeks
  • More details

Analyzing data changes a lot of decisions in each and every field. In this course, you would be able to learn analytics data cycle. Learning analytics can be explained as the data and analytics which is used for learning. You would be able to learn the process of performing network analysis and also how to analyze the results in Gephi.

Training would be provided on how to engineer features. You would get to learn about key diagnostic metrics and their uses, validity issues and evaluation issues. You would get to learn a new concept of text mining with the help of LightSIDE. Video lectures on how to use LightSIDE will be provided in this course. The learners of this course would be told and encouraged to engage and take part in different conversations that take place on social media sites as well as on blogs.

8. Data Visualization with Tableau Project

University of California, Davis via CourseraData Visualization with Tableau Project

Best Tableau Training & Certification Courses

Any kind of business whether big or small can make use of Tableau to discover important insights that will benefit their businesses. Tableau is unique in the sense that anyone can use it to become an analytics expert since no scripting or programming skills are required. Tableau basically offers four main products namely:

  • Tableau desktop
  • Tableau server
  • Tableau online
  • Tableau public

1. Tableau Desktop

This powerful data visualization tool is extremely easy to use which encourages data exploration. Tableau desktop facilitates the analysis of structured data to generate highly interactive reports, dashboards, and graphs within a short time. Its ease of utilization ensures that users work more rapidly and efficiently than ever before.

2. Tableau Server

This business intelligence (BI) application provides browser-based analytics that anyone can use and is considered a perfect alternative to the traditional business intelligence software that is more slow. This online solution is designed to help users share, distribute and collaborate on content developed in tableau.

3. Tableau Online

Tableau online is a highly secure cloud-based tool that is designed to help users share, distribute and collaborate on the views and dashboards of Tableau. This cloud-based data visualization tool can be used wherever one requires it since there is no set-up or infrastructure needed.

4. Tableau Public

This free software enables users to connect to a file or spreadsheet in order to quickly generate interactive visuals for the web without having to rely on programmers.

Continue with best Tableau Training Courses

Data Visualization with Tableau Project

Course Name Instructor Rating Students Enrolled
Tableau Desktop – Super Easy Introduction Milos Zikic 4.2 5,005
TABLEAU 2018 ADVANCED: Master Tableau in Data Science Kirill Eremenko 4.6 419
Tableau Interview Q&A: Tableau For Data Science Careers Kirill Eremenko 4.6 2,555
Learn Data Visualisation with Tableau 9 Matt Francis 4.7 1,860
Advanced Tableau – Level of Detail Expressions / LOD R-Tutorials Training 4.7 359
Building Interactive Dashboards with Tableau Packt Publishing 4.2 3,168
Master Course in Tableau Prep 2018 – Prepare & Clean Data Jamie Fry 4.6 374
Tableau for R Users – Explore Tableau and Embed R Code R-Tutorials Training 4.6 1,069
The Tableau 2018 Comprehensive Guide R-Tutorials Training 4.5 792
Tableau Masterclass – solving real world business challenges Daniel We 4.6 295
Tableau Masterclass – Advanced calculations with Tableau Daniel We 4.2 259
Administering Tableau Server 10 with Real Time Scenarios Snehasis Pradhan 4.2 605
Tableau Prep crashcourse for beginners Daniel We 4.7 63
Tableau for Visual Analytics Analytics Leap 4.4 1,139
Data visualization with Tableau 10.5 Siddharth pawar 4.6 169
Learn Tableau from Scratch – Step by Step Easy Learning 4.2 2,774
Tableau 10 Industry Secrets: Top Dashboard Tables RG BI 4.4 235
Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate Training GreyCampus Inc. 4.3 694
Learning Tableau – Follow me around Daniel We 4.7 19
Tableau 10.2.1 Development Ram Reddy 4.5 48
Learn Tableau 10.2.1 Administration Ram Reddy 4.0 68
Data Mining – Clustering/Segmentation Using R, Tableau ExcelR Solutions 4.3 1,467
Tableau Prep Masterclass- With real world business problems Siddharth pawar 4.2 63
Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis with Tableau and R R-Tutorials Training 4.4 1,179
Tableau Desktop Advanced Candas Bilgin 5.0 18
Beginner course for Data visualization with Tableau Easylearning guru 4.5 22
Tableau Desktop 2018 and 10 Step by Step guide for Beginners Anil Batra 5.0 650
Mastering Tableau 10 Packt Publishing 4.3 556
Tableau fundamentals for beginners – A crash course Daniel We 4.0 101
Tableau for Beginners – Analyzing 3 Separate Data Sets Erik Rood 4.0 610
Learn Data Visualization with Tableau 9.1 Jay Carroll 4.2 74
Transition from Excel to Tableau – Your 1st Step to Tableau Abhishek Agarwal 5.0 14
Data Science A-Z™: Real-Life Data Science Exercises Included Kirill Eremenko 4.5 85,175
Advanced Data Science: Master Deep Web Experiment Analysis! Larry Wai 4.5 629
The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2018 365 Careers 4.6 4,369
Amazon (AWS) QuickSight – Getting Started Manuel Lorenz, Maximilian Schwarzmüller 4.4 1,478
Learn Tableau Desktop for Accurate Business Analysis Jane Crofts 4.3 31,640
Tableau Tutorial for Beginners Rakesh Gopalakrishnan 4.3 8,525
Charts in Tableau 10.3 ( Latest Version) Pavan Lalwani 4.4 6,328
Tableau Server Essentials: Skills for Server Administrators! Jane Crofts 4.1 10,207
Business Intelligence com Tableau Desktop Felipe Mafra 4.3 1,537
Análisis y Visualización de Datos con Tableau Sergio Llobet 4.4 409
Tableau 10 A-Z (Wersja Polska) Kirill Eremenko, Maciej Rychlicki 4.8 206
Tableau 10: Visuelle Datenanalyse für die Data Science Jan Schaffranek 4.6 156


和廣 木田 4.5 184
Tableau 2018 para Iniciantes – Business Intelligence Julian Cassimiro 4.1 97

Tableau Практикум: Обучение визуальной аналитике

Svetlana Sokolova 4.2 146
Tableau ile Veri Görsellestirme & Veri Analizi Baris Yalcinkaya 4.6 197
Tableau Ile Uygulamali Veri Analizi & Veri Görsellestirme Kürşat Yalın 4.7 57
TABLEAU- Visualize seus dados e construa painéis rapidamente Grimaldo Lopes Oliveira 4.0 25
Les Data Sciences de A à Z Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin 4.4 4,820
Análisis de Información con Tableau Rodrigo San Miguel 4.1 2,870

Tableau Certification Exams & Free Quizzes

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These best Tableau training courses are better than the best tableau training tutorial videos as these training courses have clear defined syllabus with best lecturers and professionals worldwide.